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For making your next car ride more bearable.

I'm proud of every project that I've created. If you're a sports fan, or just a fan of good stories (and hopefully good storytelling), give one of these a try.


FIFA Career Mode Theatre

July 2020

A wildly creative rendering of the popular video game, Career Mode Theatre combines the fun of FIFA with the drama of Shakespeare. Follow along through the ups and downs of a (virtual) Premier League season, as a new management group attempts to take Arsenal Football Club back to the top.


2000 and Saban


An in-depth look at the heel turn that led Nick Saban to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Featuring guests Matt Scalici of and New York Times bestseller Monte Burke. 

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UAB Memories


UAB's 50th Anniversary podcast, produced and hosted by Will, comprises more than a hundred interviews of the people who've made UAB what it is. The University's past, present, and future are all profiled in this eclectic show about the biggest city in Alabama's biggest school.


Green and Gold


The one that started it all. Green and Gold is a deep dive into the rise, fall, and resurrection of the UAB Football program, going back 25+ years into the creation of the program itself. From #freeUAB to the defeat of Nick Saban's LSU in 2000, Green and Gold is the story of what a community can do when it's united behind a program it loves.

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